viernes, 13 de julio de 2012


So basicly everything's getting better, i been soo bussy thinking bout how miserable my life's right now, that i didnt even try to figure it out a solution, i just focus on being sick, sad, depresses and tired... today id watch a movie, and there was a so important phrase in it: "If you are touching the bottom, dont get so worried, it means that you cant go any further.. it cant get worst"
THATS SO FUCKING TRUE, i though i was in hell, living an ordinary life but... now that im taking this situation, i see theres an exit. im seeing the surface of all of this... now i know theres no other way than going up... im just so relieved.
im going for my 4th plastic surgery (hopefully the last)
im begginin withe all this tramits to get my univesrity title
aaaand the best part ... the next year, for sure, im moving to DF, and hopefully it can get better, and go to europe.
Now i can see, theres just good things coming.. im going to fly.